School District Referendum Fails

The Batavia School District’s $15 million referendum lost by a wide margin, with 73.5% of voters voting “No”, according to the unofficial tally cited by the Chicago Tribune, Nov. 5, 2014. That amounts to 8,551 residents of the district rejecting the plan put forth by the school board.

Why did it fail? From the Tribune article:

“Our taxes are so high already, one of the highest I’m aware of,” Bonnie Dibling said. “It indicates to me they aren’t managing their money correctly. In other words, they’re running their business badly.”…..

“I don’t think they need to raise taxes. I think they need to get their act together,” he [John Dibling] said….

As a senior citizen, she [Audre Pack] said a good chunk of her taxes go to the school district and she’d rather see the district putting their money toward something better for the community. She said she feels the district’s spending lately has “been out of line.”

The people have spoken, but will the school board listen?

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