Aldermen Serving the People

The outcome of the Houston St. Streetscape project has been encouraging. The aldermen rejected the latest proposal by Altamanu (the designers of River St., including the arch) in favor of the design that they had approved in October, with the modification of adding islands for trees in the median strip that divides the walking and bike paths.

Aldermen Susan Stark and Marty Callahan at the January 27 COW (Committee of the Whole) meeting corrected Bill McGrath and Staff’s assertions that the Council had not approved a design plan for Houston St.  Susan Stark opened the discussion, saying she remembered approving a plan, and Marty Callahan proceeded to read from the October minutes, including the roll call vote, that approved “Option 1”, a reasonable design with separate paths for bikes and pedestrians, separated by a concrete strip and lampposts. Further discussion led to an agreement to add sensible islands in the concrete strip in which to put trees. But no blue swooshes on the sidewalk or a confusing mingling of bikes and pedestrians with obstacles in everyone’s way.

Thank you, City Council.

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