No End in Sight for School Tax Levy Increases

Saturday, 2/7/15, there was a budget workshop for the Batavia School Board.  Assistant Superintendent of Finance Dr. Kris Monn laid out budget projections through Fiscal Year 2018. Click here for the documents presented at the meeting. (You won’t find them posted on the district’s website.)


  • The tax levy is projected to increase every year
  • Spending increases every year
  • Enrollment drops every year
  • A budget deficit of $1.13 million is projected for Fiscal Year 2018 (down from a surplus of $1.66 million in 2015)
  • There is a huge jump in benefits cost each year

No mention is made of number of administrators, their growth, and their effect on the budget (see the GRO Batavia website for graphs of administrator growth: ).

Current teacher union contracts end in 2017, support staff in 2018. Part of their deficit projection is related to new contracts. They’re already predicting huge losses. Why???

These documents just point out the need for responsible leadership. Right now the School Board doesn’t question spending, doesn’t ask what can be done to control costs. Board member Jon Gaspar tries sometimes, but is quickly shut down. He can’t do anything alone. Nothing is going to change unless new school board members are elected.

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