Vote GRO Tuesday, April 7

Tuesday, April 7, voters in Batavia Public School District 101 will have the chance to elect 3 new members of a 7 member Board of Education. While 3 is not a majority, much can be gained from having board members who will ask questions of the administration, dialogue with the community, and seek educational excellence while lowering taxes.

Batavians for Responsible Government endorses the 3 members of GRO Batavia:  Gabriel (Bill), Rechenmacher (Ron), and Olache (Michelle) for school board. Please visit their website at for their biographies, platform, and more.

BRG will be distributing flyers on driveways. If you would like to help, please contact us. The number of volunteers will determine how many houses will receive the flyer.

Most of all, please vote for Gabriel, Rechenmacher, and Olache to “GROw education, not taxation,” and ask your friends and neighbors to do the same. These local elections are determined by which candidates get the highest voter turnout. Last time all it took was 1200 votes to get on the school board. This time, the teachers union has put money behind their 3 candidates (read the fine print–really fine print–on the individual candidates’ yard signs). The union will be stumping hard for votes for their candidates.

The teachers already have a union to represent their interests. The school board is supposed to represent the interest of the taxpayers, as their oath dictates, and serve as a check and balance to other interests. When the teachers union seats the board with their chosen candidates, let taxpayers beware.

Become informed, and VOTE!

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