We extend our apologies to those who have found that some of our flyers have not remained on their targeted driveways. There have been a few complaints misdirected to the GRO candidates who were not responsible for this effort.

Unlike the referendum literature drop, this time we used fold-and-close sandwich bags, as they were less expensive–a plus for this wholly volunteer effort, with no fundraising. Fortunately, most people appear to have gotten their flyers without a problem. There were some flyers that went rogue, however, mostly through the loss of their rocks (some or all). How the rocks escaped the bags, we’re not sure.

As they were sent out by the thousands, there was no time to correct the problem for the first batch. We have tried to address this problem for subsequent drops.

We hope that you will see past the delivery to the message we are trying to convey.

Thank you for your understanding.

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