Just a reminder: Today, April 7 is Election Day. Please be sure to vote.

School board candidates GRO–Gabriel, Rechenmacher, and Olache–are facing some stiff competition from the teachers union and its candidates. The union PAC paid for 3 candidates’ signs (some planted personally by the union president, as was caught on camera). Now it comes down to a matter of voter turnout.

2 years ago, it took only 1200 votes to elect a school board member. That’s pretty pathetic for a town of over 10,000 households. The only fiscally responsible school board candidate lost by just 29 votes. We need your help to get the right people elected this time.

There’s a chance the board can change direction, but only if you and other concerned citizens get out and vote. Please vote and urge others to do the same.

Websites to refer to:

Candidates BRG endorses:

Election information (sample ballots, polling places, etc.)

Thank you.

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  1. bdogs95 says:

    People of Batavia have spoken…looks like you went 0 for 3

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