Join Us

While the results of the election were disappointing, we will continue on our quest to hold elected public officials accountable to the people of Batavia. Would you please join us?

When only 18% of registered voters care enough to vote and make decisions that affect 100% of the citizenry, there is something seriously wrong. The level of apathy is stunning. But we know that there are others who are concerned about their government and instead of just complaining, would like to get involved, but maybe don’t know how, or don’t think they have the time. We at BRG would like to give you that opportunity.

Sign up for our email list, offer what skills you have, volunteer to record meetings so we can post them at our site, etc.–help us in our efforts to wake up the sleepers in town, please. Democracy doesn’t work so well when too few participate.

Click here for our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

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