Tax Bills Are Coming

Kane County has issued a document to answer common questions regarding the property tax bills its residents will soon be receiving. Batavia School District 101’s tax extension will increase by 1.24%, while the City of Batavia’s will decrease by 4.80%.

Despite BPS101 taxing to the maximum allowed by law, you’ll note that it is second lowest in % increase among school districts. Why is that? If all the districts taxed to the tax cap limit, one would expect them all to have the same % increase. But the tax cap only applies to the previous year’s operating extension and does not apply to new construction or debt service. Batavia did not see much new construction last year and its debt payment declined slightly to just under $10 million.

The City of Batavia leads the field in % decreases (kudos to City staff and aldermen). But before you get too comfortable, your electric bills are scheduled to go up again by 6.5%, starting May 1st, due to the Prairie State debacle that we are currently trapped in.

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