New School Website, New Budget

BPS101 has unveiled their redesigned website. If you want to see the tentative budget for 2015-16, (as of 7/27/15) don’t go to the “District Budget” on the drop-down menu under the “About” tab where it would logically be. Instead, click on “Finance and Business” under “Departments” at the bottom of the Home page.  In “BPS101 Annual Budgets” you’ll find the “Tentative Budget 2015-16” that has been put on display. As usual, there is little detailed information in the budget. And as usual, maximum tax increases have been assumed, with property taxes being increased by the projected Consumer Price Index (CPI) in 2016 (2015 levy).

The public hearing for the budget will be on Aug. 25, 7pm. The board will vote on the budget Sep. 22. Mark your calendars.

At the July 21 School Board meeting where the budget presentation was made, Board member John Dryden requested some further itemized breakdowns. We hope he can get that information, for when citizens have requested further breakdown they have gotten the State Form, which simply tells a little more of nothing (e.g., line 92: $5.2M for “Other Objects”). Citizens must FOIA specific items if they want meaningful breakdown and will be given nothing more than those specific items. Good luck to Mr. Dryden, and thanks for not being content to be a rubber stamp.

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