School Budget Hearing, City COW tomorrow

There are 2 important meetings tomorrow, Tuesday, 8/25:

7pm–Batavia School Board
–public hearing for the 2015-16 budget. They’ve issued another budget in a different format. It contains a bit more information in that it shows % increases in major categories, but still offers no details or explanations. Take for example p.6, Salary Summary, Clubs/Other. The budget went from $333,422 to $540,027, a 62% increase. Why??? What for??? Or p. 21/22, Business/Food Services. Why are district salaries going from $102,323 to $200,485, a 96% increase, even as district enrollment is dropping? Take a look at the budget, see what you think. Are you satisfied with their transparency? Can you adequately tell whether money is being spent wisely or foolishly? Remember, these are YOUR PROPERTY TAX DOLLARS they are spending. And they have worked into the budget MAXIMUM TAX INCREASES, so come December they will be increasing their tax levy by the CPI (Consumer Price Index), the maximum allowed by law again.

The hearing occurs at the beginning of the meeting. So if you want to say a few words, there is still time to make it to the City Council at 7:30pm (though you’ll want to watch the BATV recording of the school board meeting for their discussion/information section, as full-day kindergarten will be discussed).

7:30pm–City Council COW–A week and a half ago, the Batavia citizens’ lawsuit against those who deceptively got us into the costly Prairie State electricity debacle was dismissed. There is a 21-day window in which to refile the lawsuit. Last week, Alderman Nick Cerone requested that the issue of Prairie State be put on tomorrow’s agenda for discussion. It is not on the agenda. At the beginning of the meeting, during public comment for “Items not on the Agenda,” we are encouraging people to:

  1. Ask why it is not on the agenda, given the request by a duly elected alderman and the time constraints of the lawsuit.
  2. Ask for a special City Council meeting to be held specifically to discuss Prairie State, in which action can be taken to join the lawsuit if the City Council so votes. (Tuesday, Sep. 1 would be the most logical date, since a COW meeting is already scheduled.)
  3. Ask the City Council to join the lawsuit. The lawsuit was dismissed because the judge ruled the citizens of Batavia did not have standing to file the suit, since they personally signed no agreements and they personally were not fed misleading information. The judge’s ruling allows that the City of Batavia would have the standing that the citizens lack.

Many on the current council have clear understanding of this dire situation and want to help, but it appears certain members of City Staff oppose involvement in the lawsuit. Please come out to support your aldermen and let them know that you would appreciate it if they would join this lawsuit.

If you can’t make either the School Board or City Council meetings, please use the Quick Contacts buttons at right to send emails.

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