Former BPS101 Superintendent Ranks in Biggest Pension Payouts

Taxpayers United of America has compiled a list of the 200 biggest government pensions in IL. 81 of the 200 come from the Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS). They then narrowed the list to the top 50 pensioners in the TRS.

Jack Barshinger, former Superintendent at Batavia, ranks #29 on that list of top TRS pensioners. The list can be found here (broken link from 2015; 2017 data drops him to #31 , with his annual pension up to $243,968). The 2015 entry for Barshinger reads:

29. Jack Barshinger •Title: District Superintendent • Employer: Batavia USD 101 • Annual Pension: $229,963 • Employee Contributions: $307,184 • Age at Retirement: 59 (Retired June 2013) • Pension Paid to Date: $350,381 • *Estimated Lifetime Pension Payout: $8.27 million • Percentage of Lifetime Estimate Paid by Employee: 3.7%

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