$12 Million in Bonds for the School District?

This Tuesday, 1/12/16, is a special school board meeting that among other things will involve the board taking a vote on whether or not to apply for $12 million in low or no interest bonds for capital projects. (Never mind the voters not long ago voted down $15 million in bonds.) These bonds come from the federal government via the state, and there’s no guarantee we would get them.
The bonds would not be allowed to pay for the artificial turf that is currently out for bid, but it would free up funds from the budget that could possibly go to the turf. At the last meeting it was made clear that there would be no cuts from the annual $1.5 million budget for capital projects, so the cost of paying this back would be added directly onto the tax levy, with taxes to pay back debt not subject to the state tax cap.
These bonds would not require a referendum to pass. However, Administration admitted residents could put it to referendum if they would do the work of collecting signatures.
If you would like to give the board your opinion on whether or not they should even pursue these bonds, there is a contact button at right.


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