School District Budget for 2016-17 Now on Display, Public Hearing 8/23

The BPS101 tentative budget for 2016-17 is now on display here. The public hearing on the budget is scheduled for August 23, 2016.

The budget is more detailed than in years past. Last year’s new Finance Director hire, Tony Inglese, has added footnotes to explain some of the changes in the budget–a welcome improvement. Also welcome is several weeks between public hearing and budget vote, so the Board can digest public comments.

There were some odd increases that weren’t explained with footnotes (like a nearly $800k increase in the Finance Department), but questions have been sent to Mr. Inglese for clarification.

It’s also not clear if they are assuming maximum tax increase, as is their custom. That question has also been posed, and the response will be posted here when received.

It would have been helpful to have historic comparisons in the budget presentation. If you wish to compare with past budgets,

last year:…

2009-2015:… in the “Budgets and Presentations” folder



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