Public Hearing on New TIF for Shodeen Project

Monday night, November 7, 7:35pm, Batavia City Hall, there will be a public hearing for the proposed Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district that will be created for the massive Shodeen-affiliated 1 N. Washington Project. This project includes 186 apartments, retail/commercial space, and parking that will take up most of the block at the NW corner of Wilson and Washington in downtown Batavia (where the Baptist church is currently located). The TIF is necessary to, if everything goes right, pay back the $14 million in General Obligation bonds the City Council is planning to issue for the project.

Though this is technically a public hearing for the creation of the TIF, the project and the TIF are inextricably linked, with the project being dependent on the establishment of the TIF, so comments on the project itself would not be out of line.

If you have any concerns, you need to speak up at the meeting, even if it’s just to give your name and address and “I agree with what he/she said”. An email sent to the City Council (link at right) if you can’t make it would be encouraged, but your presence is more important, as it seems verbal communication weighs more heavily with some aldermen.

The document for the public hearing with details on the TIF can be found at:…
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