Plan Commission Approves Shodeen Design

According to a report by Susan Sarkauskas of the Daily Herald (5/4/17), the Batavia Plan Commission came to an agreement with Shodeen on the design of the massive 1 N. Washington apartments project. Shodeen would add more red to the Wilson and River Street facades, tone down some of the yellow, match downspouts to adjacent trim colors, and add some stone trim to the roof at the corner that is supposed to remind people of the historic Baptist church bell tower they will tear down. Shodeen refused to add more masonry or make changes to the gables, which were suggested to reduce the appearance of bulk.

Their approval means the project can continue forward, following a “stamp of approval” from the Historic Preservation Commission. From the article:

“We’re not supposed to talk about traffic, parking, mass, height. It really ties our hands,” commission chairman Tom LaLonde said…..

Commissioners Wednesday repeatedly said they felt they had to vote affirmatively on the design because of the city council’s instruction.

“Obviously, that’s all we are allowed to talk about this evening is color,” Commissioner Gene Schneider said.

Former Aldermanic Candidate Carl Dinwiddie, who was at the entire meeting, commented, “This whole process has been subverted from the beginning, so this decision is no surprise.”


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