Shodeen Project Special Meeting Wednesday

Update: Discussion will continue Tuesday night, 10/17, 7:30pm at the next COW meeting. It appeared several aldermen were swayed by the sales pitch of Shodeen’s Representative, while a few remained unhappy with the loss of commercial space on Wilson and seemed willing to let Shodeen walk away.

There is a special Committee of the Whole meeting scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 11, 7:30pm, for the Batavia City Council to discuss proposals by Shodeen to make changes to the One North Washington project. The agenda document can be found here.

Because construction estimates are coming in $6-8 million above initial estimates, Shodeen is proposing changes. The proposed changes include:

Adding 8 new residential units (new total 194) to the ground level on Wilson and State Streets, thereby eliminating all the proposed new retail/commercial space on Wilson and narrowing the sidewalk on State. New business storefronts would go only on River St where the garage now is, eliminating over 60% of the proposed retail that was supposed to make this a “mixed use” development. AND it would eliminate 15 parking spaces, reducing the total to 335, to supply parking for 194 apartments and all the businesses downtown. AND Shodeen now wants $16 million instead of $14 million in taxpayer-backed General Obligation bonds.

Shodeen’s representative “has informed staff that his company cannot and will not build the approved project”. If he backs out, the City should not have to pay any of Shodeen’s costs. The taxpayers will still be stuck with the bill for the building purchases, demolition, consulting fees and studies the City conducted for this project, but at least there will be no more money wasted on this project and the door will be open for new ideas (preferably in compliance with zoning ordinances, Plan Commission approval, and without government, i.e., taxpayer, subsidies).

Since it is a special meeting on a Wednesday, BATV may not cover it. If you are interested in the discussion and/or want to give input, please attend the meeting. Or if you can’t make it, you can put in your 2 cents using the City Council “Quick Contact” button at right.

Also, for those following the Campana project, at Tuesday’s COW, 7:30pm, the discussion continues.

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