Shodeen Project at Plan Commission Wednesday

Update: Zoning Overlay amendments approved 5-1. On to the City Council.

Design Review approved unanimously, with some changes to allow Staff to determine final parking space configuration and to work on making the Wilson St. ground floor apartment entrances more attractive.

Public hearing this Wednesday, April 18, 7pm, before the Plan Commission in City Council Chambers, on changes to Shodeen’s massive, 6-story 1 N. Washington apartments proposed for downtown Batavia. Main issues Wednesday are replacing retail on Wilson with apartments and parking lot configuration.

Read the document here:

Interestingly, the numbers keep changing. The recent Redevelopment Agreement (RDA) that split the Council 7-7, with the Mayor’s tie-breaking vote in favor, called for 194 apartments, 335 parking spaces. It has changed again, to 190 units, 365 parking spaces. But Staff says 365 parking spaces is not functionally feasible, but rather 343. And the traffic study says, “about 376 parking spaces, of which 319 spaces are to be available for public use”!? The original RDA was for 186 apartments, 351 parking spaces.

Even more interestingly, Staff is now recommending against the project unless the commercial space is restored on Wilson St.  (Who is “Staff” and why weren’t they against it before when the RDA was up for vote?)

And Shodeen wants the City to heat the parking garage so they don’t have to build in extra insulation for the apartments. Staff is recommending against it.

Will the Plan Commission again deny the variations requested? Will the City Council and Mayor again overrule the Plan Commission? Will everyone just get tired of Shodeen’s games and look for new proposals? Or will Shodeen get everything he wants? Go to Wednesday’s meeting and find out!

Please attend the meeting and add your voice to the public hearing. If only a few citizens show up, it looks like no one cares. The Campana project drew a lot of people (a lot of Genevans too), as did the Wind Energy light industrial proposal (a lot of Aurorans too), and both failed, but not nearly as many Batavians have shown up to speak against this project, and this is in the heart of Batavia. Geneva and Aurora don’t care about this one, so it’s all up to you. If you absolutely cannot make it, please send them an email, or better than an email, phone calls:

This is one of the last hurdles before construction can begin. Let your voice be heard.

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