Shodeen Apartments at Council Tonight

Tonight, Monday, 5/21, 7:30pm, the Batavia City Council is set to approve the zoning changes for the massive Shodeen apartment complex proposal. They approved it at the Committee of the Whole last Tuesday, by a vote of 7-6 (1 likely NO vote absent). In any case, the Mayor is for this, so in the event of a tie, he pushes it through.

You can still contact the Council or go to the meeting to voice your opinion, not because it will do any good (the 7 + Mayor in favor think they know what’s best and you don’t), but because you can say you made an effort to inform those who represent you how you want them to vote. If you’re silent, you give passive assent to however they wish to vote. You may use the contact button at right.

The soil contamination may still kill the project, but the zoning is one of the last items for vote before construction can begin.

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