Election Day

Election Day is tomorrow, April 2. For those who haven’t early voted, please get out and vote. Local government elections determine what local services you receive and at what cost— through your property taxes—with the School Board taking over 2/3 of your property taxes:


IMPORTANT: When the ballot says, “Vote for 2 [or 3]”, it really means, “Vote for UP TO 2 [or 3]” or, as the Waubonsee election section states, “Vote for not more than….” Vote only for the candidates you think will represent you as you want to be represented. Voting for additional candidates simply to meet a quota may help them win and your desired candidate(s) lose.

In order to help you make informed decisions, below is some information on candidates:

School Board

Incumbents: Christopher Lowe and Cathy Dremel. If you like the property tax levy increasing the maximum amount every year despite decreasing enrollment, deaf ears to parents’ and citizens’ complaints, artificial turf, and boys being allowed in girls’ locker rooms, these are the candidates to vote for.

Of the 4 remaining candidates, information can be found through questionnaires at the Daily Herald (DH) and Kane County Chronicle (KCC) and from the League of Women Voters Forum (LWV) recorded by BATV, and candidates’ Facebook pages.  Here is one summary of some issues:
2019 school district guide_Page_2
Facebook links—
To get an idea of who the candidates are (unfiltered), on Facebook click “See ____’s About Info”, particularly the “Likes”.

Scott Naylorhttps://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=648582093&ref=content_filter

Erin Meitzlerhttps://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=701699628&ref=content_filter

Christopher Solfahttps://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1574469201

David Niekamp doesn’t have an active page. It’s set up, but has no useful info: https://m.facebook.com/David-NieKamp-for-Batavia-School-Board-573010896507354/
flyer being circulated:

Niekamp flyer

Library Board—Please see the LWV Forum. There is little that distinguishes the candidates from each other. The only candidate to recognize that the referendum was a tax increase and seems truly concerned about taxes is Kenneth Vanko.

City CouncilContested races in Wards 2, 4, 4(2 yr term), 5

Ward 2:

Incumbent Alan Wolff is the last remaining alderman who was responsible for our 28-yr Prairie State electricity deal; voted for tax increases; voted for the Shodeen apartments project.

Leonard Solfa is an attorney (father of Chris Solfa running for School Board), will read contracts critically before signing them; from the DH, “The main issue is funding for civic infrastructure improvements without overburdening the citizens of the community.” His flyer:

image1 (1)


Please read the KCC comparison article https://www.kcchronicle.com/2019/03/25/wolff-faces-challenge-from-solfa-in-batavia/a99bxad/

Ward 4:

Susan Alderson https://m.facebook.com/Alderson4Alderman/

Joseph Knopp https://m.facebook.com/votejoeknopp/

From the KCC comparison article (https://www.kcchronicle.com/2019/03/25/two-candidates-seek-batavia-4th-ward-4-year-term-seat/aivhv8d/):

“To encourage improvements to residential areas, the city should consider the possibility of offering financial incentives, perhaps matching grants, Knopp  said.

Alderson said communication with 4th Ward residents through telephone, email and social media will be the key, pledging regular meetings with residents at homes or businesses.”

Note: Regarding Knopp’s idea of “matching grants”, where does the City get its money for matching grants? Answer: taxes. He’s advocating taking your money and giving it to select private individuals.

Ward 4 (2 yr term):

Appointed incumbent Tony Malay (no active Facebook page) did vote against the Shodeen project, but voted for the current budget and levy that increased taxes.

Anthony Schullo (candidate page): https://m.facebook.com/anthonymschullo/  (personal page): https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005220644973

Please read candidate profiles and the comparison KCC article https://www.kcchronicle.com/2019/03/25/schullo-challenges-malay-in-batavia/a4i8xkw/

Ward 5:

Abby Beck https://m.facebook.com/AbbyBeck5thWard/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0. Community volunteer in many areas; committed to a “Green” agenda; supportive of Shodeen project though wishes it were shorter; against a 2nd bridge as unnecessary (extra 5 minutes not worth the tax burden).

Mike Hanrahan small business owner; advocate for business owners; fully in support of Shodeen project; for 2nd bridge IF alternative revenue is used other than property taxes

Michael Woerner government experience in Hinsdale as Village Board member then Village President; for 2nd bridge IF alternative revenue is used, and had secured grants in Hinsdale to build a bridge without property taxes; against large variances like Shodeen’s (developers should fit the City’s plans, not the other way around): “What I bring to the table is the ability to say NO. There are other developers….”

KCC comparison article https://www.kcchronicle.com/2019/03/26/its-a-three-way-contest-in-batavias-5th-ward/ajzv5gs/


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