School District Tentative 2020 Budget on Display

Tentative Budget for 2020 is on display in the July 23, 2019 Board documents.
The state form is here.
Schedule from website:
  • July 23, 2019 – Discuss and place a tentative budget on public display.
  • August 20, 2019 – Hold a public hearing on the budget and consider any significant revisions.
  • September 24, 2019 – Adopt the final budget.
Video of meeting where they discuss the budget (should be cued to start of budget discussion about 15 min in):

They plan for the maximum property tax increase as usual (Consumer Price Index, 1.9% projected this year), while enrollment is declining. Health insurance benefit costs are out of control (with $250 deductibles, of course they are; hopefully ongoing contract negotiations will fix that).

If you cannot attend the public hearing, there is a Contact button for the School Board at right.
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