Should Batavia Allow “Pot” Shops?

Short summary of the meeting: Mayor Schielke will veto any ordinance that proposes allowing marijuana dispensaries in Batavia, necessitating 10 aldermen (out of 14) to override him. Most aldermen seem to favor pot shops. A couple of aldermen want to wait and see what the consequences are for St. Charles and other towns before moving on it. At least one doesn’t want to wait and wants to get in line for a dispensary. Aldermen sent the issue back to legal counsel to better define terms for more discussion at a later date.

On Tuesday nights’s 7pm City Council Committee of the Whole (COW) meeting agenda is a discussion whether or not to allow marijuana dealers to establish store fronts in Batavia.

Starting Jan. 1, 2020, recreational marijuana will be legal in Illinois. Anyone 21 and older will be able to legally smoke pot. But cities can choose whether or not to allow dealers to sell the drug in their communities.

Here’s the agenda item with more details:

If you cannot attend the meeting, you can contact the City Council and Mayor through the button at right.

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