Batavia 2020 City Budget Public Hearing

There is a public hearing on the City of Batavia’s 2020 Proposed Budget on Tuesday, 11/12, 7pm, City Council Chambers.

Something has happened to the City Council’s secretary, because the minutes from meetings have gone from fantastic to practically useless. Agendas have also become less informative. You have to watch the BATV videos to know what is going on.

From the budget presentation ( and Tuesday’s agenda item (, it appears there were several proposals for the budget, most raising taxes far above the Consumer Price Index (the limit had there been no home rule). It looks like City Council requested the property tax levy increase be kept to CPI, which will result in some cuts, some staff and project requests postponed, and the reserves being drawn down. Pensions are an expensive problem that will not be fully addressed if taxes are to increase only by CPI.

Additionally, it looks like they will be authorizing a 3% water rate increase and a 4% sewer rate increase (items 10 and 11 on the agenda:

I really wish there were more information in the minutes of the past meetings where the budget was discussed. There are also no memos on the past agendas to indicate what they will be talking about. If you have the time, you can watch the discussions on BATV on

Nov. 5 starts at 4:46

Oct. 29 starts at 51:12

Please attend the public hearing. When no one shows up, it may be assumed no one cares.

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