Marijuana Back on City Council’s Plate

Up for discussion at the Batavia City Council Committee of the Whole meeting Tuesday night (1/14), 7pm, are marijuana dispensaries (“pot shops”). It is #19 on the agenda.

Should the City of Batavia allow drug dealers to establish marijuana dispensaries in Batavia? While marijuana use may be legal for adults in Illinois, dispensaries must be approved by city governments.

Mayor Schielke has said he will veto any pot shops, requiring a 2/3 majority (10 out of 14 aldermen) to override the veto. At the last discussion, it appeared a majority of aldermen would approve pot shops, maybe even a 2/3 majority. Please give your aldermen (and the whole Council) direction how you would want them to represent you.

Some cons and pros of recreational marijuana dispensaries:


  • Gives children the wrong idea that getting high on drugs is good because the City approves it
  • Is a fully cash-based business (federally insured banks cannot transport or transmit funds from marijuana dealers, so no bank accounts or credit cards), creating a burglary risk, putting strain on the police
  • Dispensaries increase many types of crime in surrounding neighborhoods:
  • Creates traffic and parking problems
  • Profits off human weakness and sin


  • Money—City can impose up to 3% marijuana sales tax

Please come to the meeting if you are at all able. If you are unable to attend, please email your aldermen/Council (contact button at right).

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