City Council Votes to Extend Shodeen TIF

The City Council COW passed the Shodeen TIF extension 9-4 on 3/3/20. They’re sticking with the project. The apartments will be built if all the taxing bodies agree to the extension, if the legislature passes the extension, and Shodeen gets a bank to finance his portion:

—Yes: O’Brien, Wolff, McFadden, Chanzit, Knopp, Miller, Russotto, Beck, Baerren

—No: Callahan, Cerone, Uher, Malay

—Absent: Meitzler

The full City Council passed it 9-5 on 3/16/20:

—Yes: Miller, Russotto, Beck, Chanzit, Wolff, Baerren, O’Brien, Cerone, McFadden

—No: Knopp, Callahan, Meitzler, Malay, Uher

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