Shodeen TIF Thursday

 Update: The JRB passed all measures 6-2, with School District and Township (in support of the School District) voting NO. The City can now do what it wants.
 The School District’s Tony Inglese made an excellent, thorough presentation as to why they were voting NO (long story short, they expect too many students from apartments with no compensation). For as much as I have criticized the School District, Mr. Inglese should be lauded for his efforts as Chief Finance Officer.  There’s a long way to go toward reform, but he’s consistently taking steps in the right direction, shows a keen grasp of issues, and puts in a lot of effort. He was the bright spot in the JRB meeting.

The Joint Review Board, made up of representatives of the various taxing bodies, will meet tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 1, 10:30am, to discuss and approve or reject the new proposed TIF and Redevelopment Plan for Shodeen.
The agenda, with instructions on how you can attend virtually or submit comments, can be found here:
You may also attend in person, but seating will be limited.
Public comments, virtually or in person, will be limited to 20 minutes total.
Please consider submitting comments (in agenda linked above). While the City has ignored citizens, there is a chance the other taxing bodies may listen (hope springs eternal).
Batavia Township voted to support the School District, whichever way they vote.
School District has voted NO in the past.
Library Board will vote YES (they and the School District get some money for the duration of the TIF, while other taxing bodies are out of luck; Library Board wanted the money).
We don’t know how the others will vote, so your voice may make a difference.
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