Monday—Shodeen TIF/Apartments Final Vote

Update: The TIF District passed 8-7, with the Council tied and Mayor Schielke breaking the tie in favor.

YES: Baerren, O’Brien, Cerone, McFadden, Russotto, Chanzit, Wolff, Schielke

NO: Callahan, Meitzler, Malay, Uher, Miller, Beck, Knopp

Final vote of the City Council on the TIF District/Shodeen apartments project will be taken MONDAY NIGHT (1/4/21), 7:30pm.

A City Council YES vote for the new TIF District would set construction plans in motion for the massive 6-story apartment complex. A NO vote would end plans for Shodeen’s project, but leave the current TIF districts in place to provide assistance for other projects.

Please let your elected officials know how you would like them to represent you. EMAIL OR CALL YOUR ALDERMEN, CITY COUNCIL, and MAYOR. If you say nothing now, you give up your right to complain later.

Email Council and Mayor at once:

Find your specific aldermen to call or email:

Your elected officials need to hear from you. Some aldermen don’t think the handful of citizens who regularly contact them are representative of the majority of Batavians. These aldermen need to hear fresh voices, and in greater numbers.

The ones who have been listening to their constituents could use more emails and phone calls to back them up.

If you’ve never contacted the Council before, know that you don’t have to write anything fancy; a short note will do. The aldermen are your neighbors—just average people who step up to serve. Let them know how they can better serve you.

Please attend the virtual meeting Monday night as well. Agenda and instructions on how to register for the meeting are here:

Here are where the aldermen stood at the last vote:

YES (8)

Jennifer Baerren

Abby Beck

Nick Cerone

Dan Chanzit

Mike O’Brien

Mike Russotto

Alan Wolff

NO (6)

Marty Callahan

Joe Knopp

Elliot Meitzler

Tony Malay

Keenan Miller

Mark Uher

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