$5 Million Shed

Update: In May, the City canceled its contract to buy the building.

The City Council COW approved, by a vote of 8-4, a purchase agreement for a building on Raddant for storing equipment, and will finalize that vote Monday night (3/1), 7:30pm. The building, assessed at $2.975 million, will be purchased for $3.55 million, though the Council intends to pass $5 million in bonds to pay for the building, the build-out, and whatever else they feel like spending the money on. The bond payments will be added directly to your property taxes, about $24.40/yr for 20 yrs for a $300,000 home. 

Here’s the breakdown of the building usage:

24,200 sq ft for the City (Public Works Department)

20,000 sq ft for the Interfaith Food Pantry/Clothes Closet

14,600 sq ft to be rented to the current tenant for $85,000/yr. Note: City Council may decide to NOT put that rent money toward the bond payments to reduce your additional property tax burden. They made it clear they may choose to spend it elsewhere.

Here’s the agenda item: https://www.cityofbatavia.net/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Item/16190?fileID=12239
And the meeting agenda with instructions if you wish to attend the meeting virtually (preregistration required) or in person on Monday, 3/1/21, 7:30pm: https://www.cityofbatavia.net/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_03012021-1690?html=true

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