Prairie State, School Budget, Building, and More

City Council and School Board both have items of interest Tuesday, 6/22/21. Both meetings are at 7pm. Please consider writing to one (using the Quick Contact button at right) and attending the other.

City Council COW:

Council will talk about sending a more “forceful” letter to some members of the IL General Assembly and the governor because they seem to have ignored the first one that was sent. They are asking legislators not to pass a law that would mandate renewable energy sources and close down the Prairie State coal-fired power plant where we get 100+% of our electricity while paying off millions of dollars in bonds for construction and operating costs ( )

In another item, Council will consider hitting us with a 2% per year (and maybe more) electric rate increase till 2030, in case the bill passes, so it won’t be an all-at-once shock to us–kind of like the story of the frog in the pot, where if you increase the temperature gradually, the frog does not realize it is being boiled and will not jump out of the pot. It’s scary. Read it for yourself:

Nowhere does it consider just not paying the remainder of the $246 million in bonds that never went to the citizens in referendum, but was decided on by the City Council all by itself. As admitted by the City attorney, the City would not be defaulting; NIMPA, the association of Batavia, Geneva, and Rochelle that bought shares of Prairie State, would be.

Agenda and meeting instructions (in person or online):

School District:

Preliminary Budget Draft for the next school year is posted. Revenue and Expenditures have lots of $ missing in the “Prior Actual” columns compared to “Prior Budget”. As this is only preliminary, numbers will change, and presumably will be sorted out later. Of course, the budget has expenditures (and revenues, i.e., property taxes) going up as enrollment declines, and they’re adding employees next year. Here’s the preliminary draft of the budget:$file/FY22%20Preliminary%20Budget%20Summary.pdf

They’re also accepting the Core Team report that calls for tearing down and replacing 4 schools, with a referendum to fund it, as the bonds for the last building project are paid off in 2026. The agenda item is just acceptance of the report. Here’s the report:

In person is the only option for attending this meeting. If you wish to attend, there is this on their website: “Public Notice: For planning purposes, please contact in advance of the meeting if you would like to make a public comment or attend the meeting in person.”

In public comments, there will be some parents addressing the Board with concerns about the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and “Comprehensive sex education”. Please see the below notice that has been circulating:

All Parents and patriots!  Now is the time to join us on behalf of our children’s future and freedom.  Please join us at Board Meeting to take a stand against the Critical Race Theory curricula being taught in our schools.  CRT is the indoctrination of our children built on identity Marxism!  This “equity” based form of government means the end of free thought, private property, individual rights, equality under the law, federalism and freedom of speech.  Freedom will be replaced by race based redistribution and a control of the people!
Do not let them mold and weaponize our children’s minds!   If we don’t take a stand now and they win, our children’s well-being and their future along with freedom in America will be lost.  Join us at:

District 101 Batavia School Board Meeting
335 W. Wilson
Batavia,  Illinois
Tuesday 6/22/2021 @ 7:00 pm

Speakers:     Jennifer Nevins and Bobby Piton

This meeting is open to the public and will be covered locally
and likely nationally.

Please share with friends and family 

"Comprehensive Sex Education" was also passed along with this CRT Bill waiting
for Governor Pritzker's signature.  Parents need to know that you must opt out of
this program.  Something likely that your Legislators and School Boards will not tell you.  Please take the time to check into what they have in store for your children attending these classes.  Just a few examples:  K-2  Different kinds of Families, Define Gender - Gender Identity and stereotypes, List Medically accurate names 
for Body parts    3-5 Grades   Role of hormones/Hormone Blockers, Masturbation
6-8 Grades   Vaginal/Anal/Oral Sex
Please read this Bill SB818 for further information, educate yourself to see if this is what you want your children to be taught in school.

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