Special Referendum Meeting

The Batavia School Board is holding a special meeting Tuesday, Jan. 10, 6pm (note the early start time) to consider adopting the same issue that voters defeated in last November’s election by a vote of 7060 NO to 7036 YES.

Turnout at municipal elections is generally much less than at November general elections and observers feel the board will take advantage of this opportunity for referendum advocates to turn out supportive voters in lower numbers than would otherwise be required in order to win approval of the referendum.

The referendum would ask voters to approve building a new H.C. Storm School and a new Louise White School while demolishing the existing buildings. The referendum, if approved,  would also authorize  repair and alteration of other facilities.

Approval would allow the board to  borrow  an estimated cost $140,000,000 to be paid off with higher property taxes.

School district residents already face a 4.6 percent operating school property tax this year that was imposed  by the board at its Dec. 20 meeting.

Members of the public are allowed to speak at board meetings. If they plan to do so they are asked to contact cindy.rodriguez@bps101.net in advance of the meeting for planning purposes (not necessary, but helpful). You will find a form to fill out in the building foyer that needs to be handed to the secretary before the start of the meeting. Public comments occur at the start of the meeting as people who wish to speak are recognized by the board president.

Speakers are asked to identify themselves and are normally limited to three minutes. If an individual representing a group notifies the board president and superintendent ahead of the meeting they may be
granted five minutes.

The board allows itself to shorten the time for each person to address the board during public comment  to conserve time and give the maximum number of individuals an opportunity to speak.  If it is determined to limit the number of minutes for public comments, there will be a minimum of 30 minutes of comments allowed and then public comments will reopen after the board addresses the other agenda items.

Members of the public also may submit written comments by filling out a form and giving it to the board’s recording secretary.

If you cannot attend the meeting, you can email the Board, using the button under Quick Contacts at right.

A large, organized contingent of “Yes” supporters spoke at the last meeting, with only 1 speaker in opposition during Public Comments. The Board could benefit from more balance in the feedback they receive.

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