We are a loose coalition of Batavia citizens who wish to take a more active role in understanding the workings of our local government, pass on what we learn to others, and aid our elected officials in their decision-making by voicing our perspectives. The purpose of Batavians for Responsible Government (BRG) is to seek accountability from our elected officials in the responsible use of our tax dollars, and to inform and encourage citizen participation in elected government.

We believe for a democracy to thrive, it is essential that the citizenry be informed. We have heard on more than one occasion the complaint by elected officials, “Well, this had been in the works for some time, and no one said anything until after it passed.” And citizens will say, “But we didn’t know until we read it in the papers.” Unfortunately, effective communication is often lacking. This website aims to be a centralized clearinghouse for news from the various branches of Batavia government—news in easily readable form, in a timely fashion.

Contributors are average citizens who attend public meetings and provide their summaries of what they in good faith perceive to be happening that may be of some interest to others who are not able to attend. If someone has an alternate take on events, please send us that information. We welcome and encourage elected officials to provide updates as well, from their unique positions on the “inside”.


Will you join us? We need your help. Everyone has something to offer, and many hands make light work. Good with facts and figures? Gifted with a golden tongue? Media/advertising skills? Original thinker? Even if you could attend just one governmental meeting a year and send a report, we welcome your involvement. Please get in touch through the contact page. Thank you.

2 Responses to About

  1. Patricia Fincher says:

    I thought the speaker tonight did a fantastic job. She was informed and made the point very clear.

  2. Lori says:

    Thank you Sylvia for your presentation at the forum on March 13th. I learned so much. You were a well informed, clear and respectful speaker.

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