Below are current developments in the various branches of Batavia government. Items in red indicate special BRG concern. More details can be found on this website’s various pages.


Currently Being Discussed (updated 4/21/16):

  • Negative 5-yr financial forecast — only solution offered is to let go through attrition 10 teachers, 2 administrators, 3 assorted personnel, which postpones deficit spending until 2018, continuing at a less steep pace

Recently Approved (updated 4/21/16):

  • (1/26/16) Artificial turf — cost: $1.4 million with the track
  • (1/26/16) Taxpayer-funded preschool
  • Applying for $12 million in low or no interest bonds
  • (11/17/15) 2015 levy — maximum tax increases, capped by law at the CPI of .8%
  • (9/22/15) 2016 budget Includes 11.5% increase for health care benefits, 3.23% and 4.55% increases for dental; increases to be offset by department cuts; maximum tax increases assumed
  • (5/26/15) Chromebooks/tablets for all students, K-12; parents pay $75/yr/child, taxpayers pay same


Currently Being Discussed (updated 7/19/16):

  • 6-story mixed-use development downtown

Recently Approved (updated 1/11/16):

  • (1/4/16) City hires Law firm of Jenner and Block, LLP regarding its electrical portfolio (Prairie State); see Daily Herald article for more details
  • (12/7/15) 2016 budget — tax increases include:   gas tax, liquor tax, electricity, water, sewer, leaf and brush pickup; no property tax increase

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