(5/26/15) Chromebooks/tablets approved for all students, K-12; parents pay $75/yr/child, half the cost of the devices; taxpayers pay the other half

(4/24/14) On 4/22, the school board approved 5-2 the plan to give Chromebooks or tablets to all students, beginning with grades 6-12 in 2014-2015, the rest the following school year. The Daily Herald (4/23/14) provides coverage, including comments from the 2 “no” votes, Gaspar and Hodge, who had concerns about teacher training, liability, teacher assessments, money, and the rush to implement the plan. A parent also voiced concerns about the $75/yr/student cost to the family, which, contrary to the misleading information presented by Administration, would place Batavia as the 2nd highest of the 15 schools compared for the mandatory cost of enrolling a student in middle or high school.

While the use of technology in the classroom may seem inevitable and even necessary, please read this interesting article, “A Silicon Valley School That Doesn’t Compute”, on why some executives and employees of Silicon Valley giants Apple, Google, Yahoo, and HP, send their children to a private school that has no computers.

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