2018 School District Budget Public Hearing

Tonight, Tuesday, 8/22, 7pm, at the BPS 101 Administration Building on Wilson St., is the public hearing for the 2018 District Budget. As usual, they are assuming a maximum tax levy increase (around 2% + new construction), with total expenditures around $104 million.

If you have any comments on how your tax dollars are being spent by the School Board, tonight’s a good time to voice them. Around 67% of your property taxes go to the School District.
Finance Director Tony Inglese has made great improvements in transparency in the budget, making it easier for you to see where your money is going. (Not perfect yet, but vastly improved.) Be sure to read the footnotes if you take the time to look, since some of the apparently massive increases are due to his reclassifying items in the budget. It makes it hard to compare to previous budgets, but they are much needed changes that will make future comparisons easier.
Tentative budget can be found here.
If you can’t make the meeting, you can email comments through the Quick Contact button at right.
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