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City Budget Hearing Tonight

The City of Batavia will have their budget hearing tonight, Tuesday, Nov. 14, 7:30pm. It was first unveiled last Thursday at a meeting not recorded by BATV. Highlights: more tax increases $300,000 in property taxes for sewers (tax impact <$15 … Continue reading

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Responsible Government?

If a survey were to be done of Batavia residents, it is likely most would favor the redevelopment of the Baptist church property at Washington and Wilson, AS LONG AS the redevelopment were done in a responsible way. So what … Continue reading

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Tax Bills Are Coming

Kane County has issued a document to answer common questions regarding the property tax bills its residents will soon be receiving. Batavia School District 101’s tax extension will increase by 1.24%, while the City of Batavia’s will decrease by 4.80%. … Continue reading

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